Our Services

Advanced Remote Support

With our advanced remote support, our certified technicians can remotely connect to your computer, take control of it and complete most any task desired. We can repair operating system files and damages, remove virus’, worms, Trojans, malware, spyware, grayware and just about any other kind of os or software problem.

World's Best Computer Tune-up®

ATR offers our clients an exclusive product called "World's Best Computer Tune-Up®".Over the last decade, we have developed a proprietary process to completely clean up your computer and make it run like new in most cases. We continually revamp and adjust our process to deal with new types of infections, software, and operating systems. You will not find another service provider that offers such a complete service. Other's dare not goes as deep as we do into the working of your operating system. We have sold over 8000 of these products ... ask your representative when you call.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer Residential Service Contracts for our home based clients. They are a great way to save money and keep your computer running like new.

Unattended Support

ATR also offers unattended support for our most valued customers. Unattended support is a process where one of our certified technicians can enter your computer and solve any problems with out the customer having to be in front of their computer.

Automated Offsite Backups - Plan B

Alexander Technical Resources houses a local, secure, encrypted and duplicated backup server for our customers. Unlike many on-site backup plans, our offsite backup service requires no human intervention and runs each and every night 365 days a year. HOW MUCH IS YOUR DATA WORTH? Many business owners would say they couldn't really put ANY kind of price on their data, that the data was actually priceless. So what would you spend to protect it?

Get total support from startup to shutdown now.